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The Salvage of the Century

The Salvage of the Century by Ric Wharton The Salvage Of The Century

A record salvage in weight of gold bullion at
a record depth conducted and written by the
Chairman of Boatworks+ Mr. Ric Wharton.
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The Salvage of the Century is a detailed account of the greatest and most famous salvage ever carried out by divers. The HMS Edinburgh was torpedoed and sunk in 1942 while returning from escorting a convoy of military equipment to Russia.

The Edinburgh was carrying 51/2 tons of Russian gold bullion on its way to the USA as payment for the supplies. She sunk in 803-840 feet of water, beyond the reach of divers, and was forgotten until deep diving technology developed for the North Sea oil industry brought the wreck and its treasure into the reach of divers.

The book recounts the history of the sinking, the development of the deep diving technology, dealings with the British government, and the methods used to salvage L50,000,000 in gold bullion by Wharton Williams, Ltd. This was the largest and most spectacular salvage operation carried out this century and should be read by every diver.

The Salvage Of The Century is also available online from Amazon

available online from Amazon

The Salvage of the Century by Ric Wharton

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